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Bear Holler Shooting Range

How good is your aim?

Welcome to the Bear Holler Shooting Range web site!

Experience Bear Holler Soon!!! | Contact Us For Available Dates and Find Out About Upcoming Events

Bear Holler Shooting Range

Everyone is welcome to come on out to Bear Holler for their practice shooting.

What do we offer?

  • Full Size Silhouette Range
  • Moveable Targets
  • Right Hand and Left Hand Shooting Benches
  • Shooting Benches With V-Blocks
  • Training Sessions For New Shooters
  • Spotting
  • Competition Shooting
  • Ample Parking
  • Full Safety Procedures
  • Privacy and A Strees Free Shooting Environment
  • All Fire Arms Are Welcome
  • $5.00 Per Gun for Open Shooting


Come out and try your quick draw in our

"Cowboy Action Game."

"Wyatt! Ya got Til Sundown ta high tail it outa here!"

Note: Skeet and Trap Equipment is not provided. However shooters are welcome to bring your own equipment.

A Full 250 Yards Down Range


25 Yard Targets

A Full Size Silhouette Shooting Range! 
Chickens at 25 yards,
Pigs at 50 yards,
Turkeys at 75 Yards,
Rams at 100 Yards.
Additional targets at 100 Meters, 200 yards, and 250 yards.
Or Set Up Targets of Your Choice.

Our Cowboy Action Shooting Range is inhabited by the likes of  "Jesse James",  "Billy The Kid", and all sorts of mean hombres. Try it out and see just who is the fastest gun in the west.

Please contact us for available dates.
By appointment only.
Phone 417-358-1375
Cell Phone: 417-674-0259

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