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Bear Holler Shooting Range
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How's Your Aim?  Come on out and sight-in!


Experience Bear Holler Soon!!! | Contact Us For Available Dates and Find Out About Upcoming Events

Bear Holler Shooting Range is owned and operated by Jim Lessy. Jim is from the City of Carthage Mo. He has operated the shooting range for over ten years and has the necessary experience, credentials, and equipment to make your shooting day safe, stress free, and fun!
Bear Holler is quite a challenging range. It has targets at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards, 100 meters, 200 yards and 250 yards. Or you can bring your own targets or use the moveable targets that are available at the range. Our 250 yard target can not be seen with the naked eye. Great for sighting in your scope! 
Conveniently located in a country setting, your Bear Holler experience will be one that you will want to enjoy over and over again.  A deep ravine and a steep rock bluff guarantees down-range safety.

Email Bear Holler

Or give us a call at (417) 358-1375. Cell: 417-674-0259

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